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Pharmacists at Local Grocers Among First to Prescribe Birth Control 

Accessible solution is part of larger women’s health initiative 


Salt Lake City, UT (July 31, 2019) Associated Food Stores is pleased to announce the addition of new birth control services at local pharmaciesPatients can now visit members of Associated Food Storesconsult with a qualified pharmacist, and receive up to 12 months of hormonal contraceptives without visiting a doctor. No appointment is needed to take advantage of these new services. Currently, 223 pharmacists at members of Associated Food Stores have completed enhanced training to provide hormonal contraceptive services at 85 pharmacy locations throughout Utah.  

 “Associated Food Stores pharmacies are committed to the health and well-being of our patients,” said Denise Kunkel, manager of clinical programs, Associated Food StoresWe are among the first pharmacies in Utah to offer this service since the law was finalized and are excited to ensure women have convenient and affordable access to birth control.  

Enhanced birth control services are available to women over the age of 18. For a low-cost consultative fee, patients will complete a health questionnaire, receive a blood pressure reading and work with a pharmacist to select the product to best meet their individual needs. Prescriptions for birth control will also continue to be filled as usual.  

Birth control services are available at the following Associated Food Stores’ locations 

A&W Pharmacy (Duchesne), Aspen Ridge Pharmacy (Monroe), Bowman’s Pharmacy (Kaysville) , Dan’s Food Pharmacies (all locations), Davis Food & Drug Pharmacies (all locations), Dick’s Pharmacy (Centerville), Ephraim Market Fresh Pharmacy (Ephraim), Fresh Market Pharmacies (all locations), Gunnison Pharmacy (Gunnison), Harmon’s Grocery Pharmacies (all locations), Kamas Food & Drug Pharmacy (Kamas), Kent’s Pharmacies (Roy and Brigham City), Lee’s Marketplace Pharmacies (all locations), Lin’s Pharmacies (all locations), Macey’s Pharmacies (all locations), Mt. Nebo Market Pharmacy (Nephi), Payson Market Pharmacy (Payson), Petersons Market Pharmacy (Riverton), Quality Pharmacy (Delta), Reams Springville Pharmacy (Springville)Ridley’s Market Pharmacies (all locations), Stewart’s Basin Family Pharmacy (Roosevelt), Terrel’s Pharmacy (Mt. Pleasant), The Market Pharmacy (Park City).  

For more information about pharmacy hours and additional services, patients are encouraged to contact pharmacies directly.  


About Associated Food Stores 

Associated Food Stores is an independent retailer-owned grocer based in Salt Lake City, Utah providing complete warehouse facilities and services to over 400 grocers throughout the intermountain west. The company also provides pharmacy solutions to over 450 pharmacies in 23 states. To learn more about Associated Food Stores or to find a retailer near you, visit:  

Pharmacists at Local Grocers Among First to Prescribe Birth Control as Part of a Larger Women’s Health Initiative