As One Associated we pride ourselves on having the best team members in the business. We encourage and expect our team members’ actions and behavior to be guided by our core values, knowing this is essential to our success. We want everyone to work in an environment that is safe, an environment that exhibits respect for all people. We have zero tolerance for harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and unethical behavior. All team members are expected to conduct themselves within the laws, company policies, rules, and regulations at all times.

Generally, we feel team members do the right thing and behave in accordance with our core values. Unfortunately, in some cases, team members may behave in a manner not consistent with our values. In these cases, we aim to take swift corrective action. That is why we are excited to announce that we have partnered with NAVEX, a global leader in the hotline industry, to launch a new website, the One Associated Ethics Hotline (link below), where team members can easily (and anonymously, if desired) report workplace concerns directly to Associated’s Risk Management Committee.

Historically, team members have reported workplace concerns directly to their supervisors and supervisors would communicate those concerns with the Risk Management Committee. While you may continue to report workplace concerns directly to your supervisor, we encourage you to use the One Associated Ethics Hotline going forward. The One Associated Ethics Hotline provides a streamlined and user-friendly way to submit reports to management about improper workplace conditions. One important feature of the One Associated Ethics Hotline is the opportunity to work collaboratively or anonymously with the Risk Management Committee to resolve reported concerns more quickly.

“Every time a team member reports a workplace concern, you are helping to protect our core values. We want to make reporting workplace issues accessible and comfortable for everyone. We expect the One Associated Ethics Hotline will help us in our pursuit of a world-class working environment for our team members.” – David Rice

Effective immediately, team members who believe they have been subject to (or have witnessed) discriminatory, harassing, or retaliatory behavior or are aware of illegal, immoral, or unethical workplace practices, are encouraged to report the situation by contacting the One Associated Ethics Hotline at the link below. Team members who are not comfortable using the hotline can still contact their leader or contact team services. Associated prohibits retaliation against any team member for filing a good faith complaint under this policy or for participating in an investigation. If you see something that is wrong, please speak up.

We are committed to an environment where open, honest communications are the expectation, not the exception. We want you to feel comfortable in reporting concerns confidentially through the hotline or directly to your supervisor and team services. More information about the hotline can be found here:
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