Each year, Lin’s, Macey’s, Dan’s, Dick’s Market and Fresh Market hold a school supply drive to help local schools have enough snacks, pens, paper, cleaning supplies and more for teachers and students. The drive, which took place over six weeks, resulted in an overall donation of $105,832.57 for this school year.

“Nice job, everyone! We are so proud,” said Candice Fischer, director of customer relationships for ARO. “We smashed our goal of $90,000 and you are making a difference in your communities.”

The team’s remarkable achievement was celebrated in a video that showcased the Provo team, but was indicative of all the other participating stores, and their dedication to making a positive impact in their communities. The video, created by team member Blake Edler, can be viewed below.

During the drive, store guests are invited to donate and thousands of shoppers took advantage of the chance to help. At the completion of the drive, store teams arrange with local schools to present the amount they gathered ensuring donations remain in the community where they were collected.

Winners and prizes:

Stores won $100 store gift card:

  • Lin’s Sunset – most sales – $12,707
  • Bountiful – highest sales per guest count – 16.60%

Top selling cashier in each division won $25

  • South Division – #105 from Sunset – $6,411
  • Central Division – #133 from Provo Macey’s – $1,418
  • North Division – #459 from Jeremy Ranch – $4,077

“We love drives that help support the communities we serve,” said Ashlee Johnstun, director of systems and integration for ARO. “We know our teachers, school staff and administrators have some of the most important jobs. These drives allow us as community members to come together to make a big difference. We are so grateful for the opportunity to play a role in this great cause.”

Tremendous gratitude goes to the store leaders and store teams who made this drive such a wonderful success for so many schools and communities.