After a remarkable 15-year journey with Associated Food Stores, Kim Badger bids farewell today to embark on new adventures in her life. Kim, who began her tenure with AFS in March 2009, reflects fondly on her experiences and the evolution of her career within the company. 

 “I started my journey with Steve Holm at Dick’s in Centerville as a Savory Selection manager,” Kim reminisces, “I demoed products, cooked main entrees, and handed out recipes to store guests.” 

As her role at Dick’s Centerville transitioned, Kim adapted and embraced new responsibilities, including cashier duties, before eventually transferring to Dan’s 70th to serve as a store trainer/supervisor alongside David Fischer and Rochelle Mellor. Within a year, Kim’s dedication and hard work earned her a promotion to front-end manager. 

However, it was an opportunity with team services at the corporate office that marked a pivotal moment in Kim’s career. “When the opportunity came up at the corporate office in HR, I took a leap of faith and landed the position in April 2013,” said Kim. “I have been so happy to serve in HR. I have loved getting to know so many team members.” 

Kim’s compassion and dedication in team services extended beyond her official duties. “If you came to me for help, if I couldn’t do it, I most likely handed you over to one of my colleagues,” she says, highlighting her commitment to supporting her fellow team members. 

As she bids farewell to her colleagues, Kim expresses gratitude for the warmth and camaraderie she experienced at AFS. “I will dearly miss all of you, but I’m excited to spend more time in other areas of my life, including family, serving in my church, and traveling with my husband,” Kim shares, “I promise to come by and say hello from time to time. Thank you for making me feel needed and a part of this great AFS family. This truly has been my second family.”