Congratulations to our January Team Perks drawing winners! Each of these people received a $50 wallet credit:

  • Jesse Blake | Farr West
  • Jon Wagstaff | FM 39th South
  • Deanne Valle | FM Taylorsville
  • Joyce Swift | Dan’s Olympus
  • Jessica Dunn | Macey’s Orem
  • Rose Miller | Macey’s Murray
  • Kaitlyn Bertoch | Macey’s PG
  • Dusten Nielson | Lin’s Price
  • Corey Youmans | Macey’s Providence
  • Gary Lund | AFS Corp

Each month you shop with your Team Perks account, you are also entered into this drawing for a $50 wallet credit. It’s really that easy. You’re already going shopping, so use your Perks account and get the extra savings and get a chance to win $50.

Please note: if you are selected as a $50 wallet credit winner you will be notified via email. Make sure you have allowed AFS to send you emails via your Perks account so won’t miss out. To check your email status follow these steps:

  1. Login to Dan’s, Dick’s, Lin’s, Fresh Market or Macey’s website.
  2. Click on Account and update your email preferences.
  3. Hit save.
  4. Update your account at anytime.

If you haven’t already signed up for Team Perks, CLICK HERE to find out what you need to do to get these awesome savings.