Access this year’s AFS email signature and PowerPoint template 

Exciting times are ahead as team members embrace the new theme, “Built to Build,” which will shape AFS’ direction for the next three years. This theme encapsulates the company’s commitment to growth, innovation and resilience. It’s a rallying call for retailers, team members and vendors to contribute to the construction of something enduring and impactful. 

As the team at Associated Food Stores begins a new year, it’s important to remember that every team member serves as a representative of the AFS brand and theme. Whether working at retail, the distribution center, or the corporate office, each team member reflects the company’s values. To help, team members can do their part in upholding a consistent and professional brand image. 

To present a unified front to member retailers, vendor partners, potential retailers and the wider community, it’s important to adhere to AFS logo standards, use the designated company email signature and employ the branded PowerPoint template. These elements serve as the visual embodiment of AFS’ identity and foster recognition, trust and a strong sense of cohesion.  

Bridge, the AFS intranet, provides easy access to these resources. Team members can find AFS-branded elements by navigating to the Bridge Homepage, scrolling down to Team Resources and Lists, and then selecting “AFS Brand Guidelines, Logos, and Letterheads.” Alternatively, team members may follow this link for direct access. 

Throughout 2024, the recommended PowerPoint template is the “AFS Branded Template – 2024 – Built to Build – Team Version,” unless otherwise communicated. This template encapsulates the year’s theme of “Built to Build” along with the core attributes of the AFS brand, ensuring a unified and impactful representation across all communication materials. 

“Whether it’s using the right logo, adding the company email signature to our emails, or using the branded PowerPoint template—we’re all part of the picture,” said Rand Mickelson, director of communications for AFS. “These details might seem small, but they make a big difference in how we come across as a unified company and team.” 

For any inquiries or assistance, the team stands ready to provide support and contact information can be found on the Bridge page linked above.