Associated Food Stores recently concluded a week dedicated to appreciating its invaluable team members. Team Appreciation Week was a celebration of gratitude, marked by messages from leaders, theme-based gatherings and delightful treats and prizes.

The week commenced with heartfelt messages from CEO David Rice, Chief Operations Officer Roger White, ARO President Darin Peirce, and ARO Vice President Greg Welling. Each expressed gratitude for the pivotal role played by each team member in the ongoing success and growth of AFS.

Treats and prizes were offered throughout the week to team members at the Farr West Distribution Center, the Salt Lake City Corporate Office, and across ARO’s many retail locations.

A fun and memorable aspect of Team Appreciation Week was the array of themed parties held across the company. Macey’s Murray embraced their inner superheroes, adorning crusader masks as they celebrated their team’s incredible capabilities. In contrast, Macey’s Taylorsville offered sloppy joes, providing their team with savory sandwiches.

Although Team Appreciation Week has come to an end, the spirit of appreciation continues to thrive at AFS.  AFS remains steadfast in cultivating a culture of appreciation, ensuring each member comprehends the extent of their importance. The company’s appreciation platform, Accolades, is a valuable tool in furthering this commitment. It’s a place where team members can continue to express their thanks and recognize the remarkable contributions of their colleagues year-round.

As Team Appreciation Week concludes, let it serve as a reminder that at AFS, appreciation extends beyond a single week; it embodies a culture of respect and excellence that perpetuates throughout the year. Here at AFS, team members appreciate, advance, and achieve, together.