In the world of delectable doughnuts, there’s often a belief that pre-packed varieties might not steal the spotlight as much as their scratch-made counterparts. However, recently, the bakery teams of Associated Retail Operations (ARO) stores decided it was time to challenge this notion and put these doughnuts to the test in a thrilling competition.

Enter the “Golden Doughnut Award,” an initiative born out of the popular Five Alarm Frenzy promotion. This competition wasn’t just about showcasing the packed-in-store doughnuts; it was also a way to encourage ARO stores to participate in the celebration.

At the heart of this sweet showdown was the coveted “Golden Doughnut Award” itself, the pinnacle of recognition in this delightful competition. Erika Jones at the Spanish Fork Macey’s store emerged as the winner of the challenge with Linda Bryant at the Draper Macey’s taking second place.

The Golden Doughnut Award wasn’t the only prize up for grabs. Additional prizes added extra excitement to the competition, recognizing the dedication and creativity of the talented bakery teams.

This initiative showcased the spirit of teamwork and innovation that thrives within ARO stores. It serves as a reminder that every challenge is an opportunity to shine and that talented teams are always ready to rise to the occasion.

As the sweet success of the Golden Doughnut Award is savored, hearty congratulations are extended to Erika and the Spanish Fork Macey’s store for their outstanding achievement. Equally, applause is given to all the bakery teams for their hard work and creativity in making this competition a success.