What are Mighty Monster Grapes?

Playing with your food might be seen as taboo, but these fun grapes give you the perfect excuse. Also known as the Sweet Saphire® grape, these unusual tubular-shaped grapes might not be something you’re used to seeing in your store’s produce section. While they are a little strange to look at, you won’t be disappointed by their sweet flavor. 

mighty monster grapes

The fun shape resembles little purple fingers making for a fun Halloween snack everyone in the family can enjoy. The outside of these sweet grapes are a deep purple with a firm crunch when you bite down. These grapes are so firm you can even snap them in half and share with a friend! Mighty Monster grapes are perfect to be served at a Halloween party as ‘finger’ food and they make for a fun and tasty talking point. Stop by your local Associated Food Stores location to try some Mighty Monster grapes and let us know what you think!