The Farr West Distribution team is ramping up for the busy Summer months and has made some important adjustments as the group continues to work through many challenges. 

Hiring and retention continues to pose big challenges for almost all businesses across the country. Despite the challenges, the distribution center continues to watch for, and implement, ways to enhance team members’ experience including compensation, flexible schedules and Daily Pay. 

In addition to the benefits above, the distribution team has started a Summer pallet pick program to help retailers maintain supply on key items throughout the season. The highest-velocity water, salt, and firewood items will be offered only as a full pallet purchase during the peak volume season. This will take effect on May 9, 2022. Making the transition to full pallets will reduce the number of order selectors needed each day and allow the production teams to place additional focus on having the outbound trucks leave at their scheduled departure time. 

“We’re doing all we can to find and execute innovative solutions to the challenges we face,”

said Glen Keysaw, vice president of distribution. “We are grateful for the team here in Farr West, our support teams in Salt Lake and, especially, the teams at retail for their patience as we continue fighting through the obstacles. There are many reasons for optimism, and we’re excited about the increased sales opportunities we see as we work together.”