In an exciting development for Crested Butte residents and visitors alike, Clark’s Market revealed the stunning transformation of its one and only grocery store following an extensive remodel. The revamped store gives the community a significant enhancement in aesthetics and functionality.

The newly remodeled Crested Butte location will exude the same rich, warm and vibrant interior décor synonymous with other Clark’s Markets. One notable feature is the exceptional custom lighting by department, strategically highlighting products and creating an inviting ambiance throughout the store.

At the grand-opening events, guests were impressed with the store’s uniquely local touch, with imagery from the Crested Butte area adorning aisle signage and various sections of the store. Clark’s worked with AFS-partner Decorworx on the store’s décor. The commitment to a fresh start is evident. Except for the self-checkout lanes, nearly every element of the store has been replaced, from the ground up.

“To see the transformation of Clark’s Market in Crested Butte is truly impressive,” said Roger White, executive vice president and COO of Associated Food Stores. “We extend our sincere gratitude to Clark’s for their valued partnership as a member of Associated Food Stores. The Clark’s organization is a tremendous representation of what it means to be a local grocer.”

A significant improvement in the store’s layout now greets shoppers. A departure from the past format, the produce section shifted to the right-hand side, aligning with the traditional flow of most grocery stores. This strategic change allows customers to begin their shopping journey with fresh vegetables, seamlessly progress to meat and seafood, explore the center-store aisles and conclude with cold dairy items just before checkout.

The fresh produce department almost doubled in size, and the deli, meat and seafood departments now boast increased capabilities to provide more in-house prepared meals for grab-and-go convenience.

Other exciting new additions include signature offerings from other Clark’s Market stores, such as stone-fired pizza, fresh-squeezed juices, smoothies, pre-sliced and packaged vegetables and fruits, fresh doughnuts and an expanded bakery section.

The dedication of the Associated Food Stores’ team to this project is commendable, and their hard work greatly contributed to the transformation of Clark’s Market into a modern and inviting grocery destination.

“I’m so proud of the dedication and hard work exhibited by the AFS team,” said Jared Mitchell, vice president of construction and facilities. “This project required long hours and the sacrifices made by each team member have not gone unnoticed. We extend our deepest gratitude for their tremendous commitment to making this project a resounding success.”

The list below highlights many of the team members who played significant roles in the project:

AFS Team:

Matthew Varoz (GM/HBW)

Anthony Sandoval (Produce)

Brad Mifflin (Produce)

Thomas Brown (Deli)

Rebecca Black (Deli)

Taunia Fackrell (Bakery)

Jimmy Bane (Meat)

Jordan Petersen (Meat)

Paul Gifford (Retail Tech)

Bill Cox (Retail Tech)

Matt Petersen (Bakery)

Jordan Petersen (Meat)

Darren Wade (Shelf Allocation Specialist)

Sheyn Love (Retail Sales Counselor)

Fresh Start Team:

Kenny Manseau

Melanie Sharp

Ethan Throndsen

Angela Ford

Misha Balinton

Terry Stewart

Susan Titus

Jayden Mack

Carie Collins

Adam Chryst

Market Development Inc. Team:

Jennifer Hawkes (Project Manager)

Sean Dolan (Store Planner)

Jordan Lefevre (Store Planner)