Whether reaching for a quick bite to fuel their workdays or indulging in a savory treat to unwind after hours, snacks are an important part of most people’s daily routines.

With the vast array of snack options available, one might wonder: What do snack preferences say about consumers? A leading market research firm recently delved into this question, unveiling a fascinating map that reveals the most-searched-for snack in every U.S. state. From Rice Krispies Treats reigning supreme in the heartland to Doritos dominating the South, the findings are as intriguing as they are diverse.

When viewing the list, it’s essential to approach this data with a degree of caution. As the research points out, the data reflects the most-searched-for snack in each state, leaving room for interpretation and playful speculation.

For those curious about the snack preferences of Utah and other states, a comprehensive list of results can be found here.