Bryan Thomas’s journey from bagger to store director underscores the power of dedication, hard work and mentorship. Growing up with a father deeply entrenched in the grocery industry, Bryan never imagined he would follow a similar path. However, fate had other plans, and at the age of 18, he found himself starting his career at the Spanish Fork Fresh Market as a bagger. 

What began as a temporary position quickly evolved as Bryan demonstrated his potential. Within a week, he was promoted to the fifth key, marking the start of a remarkable ascent. From the freight crew to dairy supervisor, Bryan eagerly absorbed knowledge and expertise from mentors like Justin Darrington and Joe Howard. 

His experience continued with promotions to roles like grocery manager and assistant store director, where he received invaluable guidance from seasoned leaders such as Darin McCann, Cameron Casper, Dean Riedel and Jan Whiteley. Each step of the way, Bryan’s passion for learning and dedication to his craft propelled him forward. 

Now, after three years of honing his skills at the Pleasant Grove Macey’s, Bryan has reached a new milestone. In late January 2024, Steve Skinner recognized Bryan’s leadership potential and asked him to serve as the store director of the Orem Macey’s. Reflecting on his career thus far, Bryan expressed gratitude for the support and mentorship he received along the way.  

Outside of work, Bryan enjoys playing basketball, attending Utah Jazz games, and cheering for his favorite football teams, the San Francisco 49ers and the Utah Utes. His adventurous spirit has taken him to exciting destinations like New York, Florida, and Mexico, with memorable experiences like watching the 49ers triumph over the Raiders in Las Vegas and witnessing the Utes play in the Rose Bowl. 

As Bryan steps into his new role, his path serves as inspiration for aspiring leaders within the company. With determination and perseverance, great things happen, and Bryan Thomas’s story exemplifies the endless opportunities for growth and success throughout Associated Retail Operations (ARO). 

In response to Bryan’s promotion, District Manager Steve Skinner remarked, “Bryan’s example highlights the culture of growth and development at ARO. We are proud to have him lead the team at Orem Macey’s and look forward to his continued success.”