In the heart of Park City, where the snow-covered mountains and the festive spirit of the holiday season converge, there is a heartwarming tradition that has quietly unfolded for many years at Fresh Market. On Christmas Day, while families across the city gather to exchange gifts, a dedicated group of store team members and volunteers from other stores in Associated Retail Operations (ARO), including the company CEO, the ARO North Division Manager, and other leaders, come together to ensure essential services are provided to both resort travelers and residents.  

This year was no exception, as AFS President and CEO David Rice, ARO President Darin Peirce, Division Manager Chris Otteson, and Store Leader Travis Burke extended their heartfelt thanks to the Park City team members and the volunteers from ARO/AFS who selflessly worked on Christmas Day. Their dedication and sacrifice did not go unnoticed, as they played a crucial role in serving the needs of the resort community during a time when many are enjoying the holiday festivities with their loved ones. 

The tradition of volunteering on Christmas Day highlights the company’s commitment to serving the community. Leaders understand the importance of maintaining essential services in Park City, even during holidays, and they express their gratitude to the team members and volunteers who make this possible. 

One notable story that emerged from this year’s efforts is that of Assistant Store Director Nash Giravi. Having worked an incredible 15 straight Christmas Days at the Park City location, Nash took a well-deserved day off to spend time with his family. This break was made possible by the collective effort of Chris, Travis, and other leaders who stepped in to cover his responsibilities. 

The accompanying photo, captured on Christmas Day in 2018, serves as a poignant reminder of the commitment and camaraderie that defines “One AFS” during the holiday season. It encapsulates the spirit of giving, as team members come together to serve their communities and ensure everyone can experience the joy of the holidays. 

“I am truly humbled and grateful to stand alongside our incredible team and volunteers on Christmas Day and throughout the holiday season,” said Dave. “Their dedication to their communities during this time is nothing short of inspiring. I am grateful to each one who sacrifices their holiday moments to make sure others can enjoy theirs. Your selflessness is the true embodiment of the holiday spirit.”