Here are some thoughts on the opening of new Telluride store grand opening from Sr. Retail Counselor, Sheyn Love.

The Village Market at Mountain Village Telluride is now open! What these pictures don’t show is all the lack of sleep, throbbing muscles, swelling feet, and tears put into making this happen… especially considering the challenges we faced along the way.

A camera can’t convey the electric energy that was in the air as we opened and exhaled a collective sigh (there was also clapping, hooting, and hollering!)

There was a steady stream of curious locals who started to explore with a unanimous wonder and appreciation for what the Village Market “team”… no, “family,” has accomplished. They truly made me feel like I was a part of their family, despite having to remain 6’ apart.

Not only did I feel like part of the family, but they are first-class in giving that experience to their guests. Anyone with enough money can build a store and put products on shelves… but the Village Market family creates an environment that makes you want to be there with them.

We didn’t have a ribbon-cutting or big gathering of people. We wanted to respect the current state of affairs… but it still felt like a special day. The emotions were high (probably due to the lack of sleep, energy, and possibly oxygen from face masks and 9500’ elevation) as we could finally step back, breath, and admire the end result… which I would really call a beginning.

Although we couldn’t have the normal in-person support that we normally would, I want to thank the whole AFS-MRO team…. no, family, that helped in every way you could. Whether it was me constantly on the phone with you, texting you, or through the encouragement that was fed our way. *Sorry if I didn’t realize that it was late or a weekend!

I am truly proud to be a part of this team family.

Paul Gifford, adjusting your schedule to help us out was surely noticed and appreciated! Thank you so much!

A huge Thank you to the SAC team for the 4 Colorado brokers they were able to hire out (yes they were expensive…but less expensive than the standard 15 people…right?) – They all rose to the occasion with great heads on their shoulders. It got to the point where we started trusting them with custom sets!

I want to especially thank the other half of the “AFS Colorado Retail Services team:” Anthony Sandoval. Not only did he dive into all-things-not-produce with me, but when the time came, he REALLY dove into Fresh… leaving me not having to worry about whether we were going to be ready come opening day.

I couldn’t have physically, emotionally, or mentally survived the past few weeks without him. I thought we were pretty great friends before this, but mutual suffering definitely increases friendship bonds!

“Thank You” doesn’t do it justice, Anthony… but my sincerest “Thank You’s” will still flow your way…I can’t wait for us to be able to carpool again ; )  


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