Congratulations to our November Team Perks drawing winners! Each of these people received a $50 wallet credit:

  • Lance Jorgensen
  • Robert Davis
  • Veroniqua Sanchez
  • Jarrett Tuft
  • Victoria Burgamy
  • Carol Jolley
  • Verna Winn
  • Bryson DeBruin
  • Marissa Riche
  • Wendy Shomaker

Each month you shop with your Team Perks account, you are also entered into this drawing for a $50 wallet credit. It’s really that easy. You’re already going shopping, so use your Perks account and get the extra savings and get a chance to win $50. Please note: if you are selected as a $50 wallet credit winner you will be notified via email. Please make sure you have allowed AFS to send you emails via your Perks account so won’t miss out. To check your email status follow these steps:

  1. Login to Dan’s, Dick’s Market, Lin’s, Fresh Market or Macey’s website.
  2. Click on Account and update your email preferences.
  3. Hit save.

If you haven’t already signed up for Team Perks, CLICK HERE to find out what you need to do to get these awesome savings.

Congratulations to our October Team Perks drawing winners! Each month you shop with your Team Perks account, you are entered into a drawing for a $50 wallet credit. It’s easy. You’re already going shopping, why not use your Perks account and get the extra savings PLUS a chance to win $50.

If you haven’t already signed up for Team Perks, CLICK HERE to find out what you need to do to get these awesome savings.

Congratulations October Team Perks Winners:

  • Reynaldo Maese
  • Patty Curry
  • Lisa Thomas
  • Tammie Dickerson
  • Kylee White
  • Michael Zoumadakis
  • Patricia Holmes
  • Cody Hansen
  • Jonathan Taylor
  • Sadie Plymale

Our November drawing will be held at the end of the month!

We’re so excited about our Team Perks program and the extra savings it offers our team! There are a few things you should know to help you get the most out of the program. Check out the FAQ below. If you have additional questions or need help setting up your rewards account, email

What are Team Perks?
Team Perks are the benefits outside of your paycheck and health insurance that you get for being an AFS team member. They include discounts in-store, on fun events and vacations, and other services. Team Perks are a small way we say thank you for your hard work.

What do Team Perks include?
Team Perks offers a variety of savings. The largest savings come when you shop at our corporate stores. Every time you shop you get:

  • 5% off your total purchase
  • An additional 5% off exclusive brand products
  • Exclusive coupons each month
  • A bakery coupon during the month of your birthday
  • Giveaways
  • 20 percent off purchases at our four Ace stores (Murray, Olympus Hills, Sandy and Draper) during special, week-long team member events. (Watch for details to be emailed out to you prior to each event.)
  • Discounts on hotels, rental cars, and other travel-related costs
  • Discounts on phone plans, oil changes, and other services
  • Discounts on activities and other items
  • And much more!

Who is eligible for Team Perks?
All AFS and ARO team members qualify for Team Perks as long, as they have accepted the terms and conditions of the program and do not violate them. To accept the terms and conditions, visit (ARO), (Peterson’s in Riverton) AND/OR (Lee’s). You must complete the form for the store you would like to use your discount at.  

Which stores can I get my discount at?
Your Team Perks will work at any ARO store (Macey’s, Dan’s, Dick’s Market, Fresh Market and Lin’s), as well as Lee’s Marketplace, and Peterson’s, as long as you complete the forms for the appropriate store.

Will I still get a monthly wallet credit?
Points for all shoppers, team member or not, will be redeemed each month for a wallet credit. There is a 300 point minimum to receive a wallet credit. Team members will no longer receive a wallet credit based on their highest spend.

If I already have a Perks/PLUS account, do I need to sign up again?
Nope! If you already have a Perks/PLUS account, we will transfer it over to the new program. All team members must accept the terms and conditions of the new program in order to take advantage of Team Perks. The agreement can be viewed and completed at Please make sure you include the phone number and email associated with your account as well as your team member number.

Can my significant other use my Perks account to get the discount when they shop?
Yes, as long as they use the phone number connected to your account when they shop. All team members can have up to two phone numbers connected to their Team Perks account. Either number connected to the account can be used to access the discount when you shop.

What if I have two phone numbers connected to my Perk’s account?
As long as you have registered both phone numbers with your Perks (or PLUS) account, they will continue to work and provide the discount when you shop.

Can I use my Perks discount to purchase items for my business/fundraiser/church activity?
No. Team Perks is meant for items purchased for you and your family directly. This allows us to continue to fund the discount and provide additional savings, coupons, and deals to team members.

Will I get the 5% off purchases I make through Macey’s Anywhere or Lin’s to Go?
Yes, you will still receive your discount and earn points when you order groceries through Macey’s Anywhere or Lin’s to Go.

What about when I order groceries through Shipt?
At this time, we are unable to offer Team Perks discounts on orders placed through Shipt. We are working with our partners there to find a solution for this.

How do I find out more about Team Perks?
When you agree to the terms and conditions, don’t forget to provide an email address for our Team Perks mailing list. We’ll email you monthly newsletters with all of the deals as well as additional information for special events as they happen.

Do I get a discount at any Ace location?
No. The discount that is part of Team Perks is only available at the Murray, Sandy, Draper, and Olympus Ace locations. We are working on ways to extend this benefit to team members who do not live close to one of these stores. Watch for more details coming soon.

How do I get information about Five Alarm Frenzy and other store deals?
Notifications for things like Five Alarm Frenzy will be sent through the Perks program. When you join Perks and select your store of choice (by visiting that store’s website and creating an account) you will be added to a mailing list. When we have a Five Alarm Frenzy, we’ll send everyone on that store’s mailing list an alert email.

Are you ready to start saving even more when you shop at Macey’s, Dan’s, Dick’s Market, Fresh Market, Lin’s, Lee’s Marketplace, and Peterson’s? If you haven’t accepted to terms and conditions of the program, please visit, AND/OR to do so. You’ll also be able to provide an email address so we can send you emails regarding Team Perks deals, savings, and specials.

Savings In-Store
Every time you shop at one of our corporate stores, Lee’s, or Peterson’s, you will get 5 percent off your purchase and an additional 5 percent off exclusive brands. Plus, each month we’ll load an exclusive coupon to your account to help you save even more! It’s impossible not to win when you shop at our stores.

Pair it with Perks
You can double your savings when you use your Team Perks with the regular Perks program. Not only will you get 5 percent off your purchase, you’ll also earn points that will be converted into wallet credits at the end of each month. Wallet credits are based on how much you spend, but now wallet credits are issued for 300 points and more! Like always, each dollar spent on participating items* equals one point.

Keep an eye out for our guide to extra savings when you use both programs coming soon.

*Points cannot be earned on alcohol, cigarettes, money orders, gift cards, etc

Savings at Ace
Team members are eligible for 20 percent off purchases at our four Ace locations in Sandy, Draper, Murray, and Olympus during our week-long team member savings events. Make sure you have signed up for our Team Perks emails so that you can find out about the dates for the next event.

Don’t live near one of our Ace locations? We’re working on a way to extend these savings to you. Watch for more information to come.

Not only can you save on groceries and Ace Hardware items, being an AFS team member gives you access to a variety of other savings on rental cars, hotels, activities like Lagoon tickets and vacation packages, and much more. All of the available Team Deals are available on InSite under Team Resources and on My Info Center.

Have questions about Team Perks or a suggestion for additional deals we can offer the team? Send them to

The spookiest night of the year is almost here! Before your little monsters head out to collect their haul check out the tips below to make sure the night is full of treats and not tricks. 

Dress in light colors or add reflective tape to costumes: The changing seasons means it’s probably going to be dark by the time you head out for trick-or-treating. Help make your kiddos visible to other people and drivers by utilizing light colors in their costumes or attaching some reflective tape to their costume and candy bag.

Check the candy first: Before you dive head-first into a sugar coma, take a moment to check your candy. Watch for any wrappers that look like they’ve been opened or tampered with. Make sure your kids only take homemade treats from homes that you know.

Keep walkways clear and lit: No kid (or parent) wants to spend Halloween in the E.R. Make sure your driveways and front walks are free of tripping hazards like decorations, hoses, etc. Make sure they are well lit.

Turn your light off if you’re done for the night: Out of candy or ready to turn in for the night? Turn your porch light off. It’s a clear and easy way to notify trick-or-treaters that your house is no longer open for visitors.

Make sure the costumes fit properly: It’s super easy to trip on Halloween. Make sure each costume fits correctly and doesn’t drag on the ground. This will keep your kiddo from tripping and others from stepping on their costume and tearing it. 

Don’t forget the candy: Nothing is more disappointing than having a group of adorable monsters on your doorstep and not having enough treats to hand out. Stop by your favorite AFS grocery store and pick up an extra bag of your favorite treats. You may even have extras for you! That’s a win-win situation.

Who says healthy dinners have to be boring? Try this delicious recipe for Pumpkin Kale Pesto Brains!

Servings: 4
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes


  • 20 oz. zoodles
  • 1 cup basil leaves
  • ¼ cup kale, stems removed
  • 2 tbsp. spinach
  • ¼ cup pumpkin seeds
  • 4 tbsp. filtered water
  • ¼ tsp. sea salt
  • ½ tsp. fresh lemon juice
  • 1 garlic clove, roughly chopped
  • 1 shake or pinch of cayenne pepper
  • 4 bell peppers
  • 16 grape tomatoes sliced in half


  1. Place all ingredients except for zoodles, tomatoes, and bell peppers in a food processor or blender and mix until pureed into a sauce.
  2. Carve pumpkin faces into the bell peppers.
  3. Toss the zoodles and tomatoes into the sauce until completely coated.
  4. Place zoodle mixture into bell pepper. Serve.


Utah Grocery Stores Make Sure Kids Go Back to School with Full Tummies
Macey’s, Lin’s, Dan’s, Dick’s Market, Fresh Market and Honey Bee donate more than 285,000 meals to Mobile School Pantry Program

Salt Lake City, UT (September 7, 2018) Students and their families across the state can rest a little easier knowing they have food thanks to Macey’s, Lin’s, Dan’s, Dick’s Market, Fresh Market and Honey Bee Produce Company. The Utah-based grocery stores donated $150,622 worth of kid-friendly food to Utah Food Bank’s Mobile School Pantry Program. The donation took place at Edison Elementary School in Salt Lake City yesterday as a wrap up to the 2017 Season to Share food drive.

“We’re grateful for the opportunity to help the youngest members of our community have a great school year by providing nutritious to the Mobile School Pantry program,” said Gary McCloud, operations manager for Associated Retail Operations, which owns the six stores. “This donation wouldn’t be possible without the great support of our community and we’re so thankful for their generosity.”

Team members from Associated Retail Operations, which owns and operates the six stores that participated in the drive, partnered with Utah Food Bank to pass out food including peanut butter, tuna fish, fruits, vegetables, and other food items to students after school. The donation totaled over 340,000 lb and will provide around 285,000 meals to students and their families at risk of food insecurity across the state.

“Utah Food Bank is incredibly grateful to Associated Retail Operations and their customers for taking such a stand against hunger,” said Ginette Bott, Utah Food Bank President & CEO. “With 1 in 6 Utah children unsure of where their next meal will come from, these donations will truly impact these children and their families as we distribute the food through all 69 Mobile School pantries.”



About Associated Retail Operations
Started in 1999, Associated Retail Operations (ARO) consists of five independent grocery banners based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. ARO operates 42 stores across Utah under the Macey’s, Lin’s, Dan’s, Dick’s Market, and Fresh Market banners. ARO is a subsidiary of Associated Food Stores, an independent, retailer-owned wholesaler also based in Salt Lake City. To learn more about the stores visit:


Media Contact
Rachael Wabel


About Utah Food Bank
Founded in 1904, Utah Food Bank has operated under various names but remains true to its mission of Fighting Hunger Statewide by providing food to a statewide network of 149 emergency food pantries and agencies. Last fiscal year, Utah Food Bank distributed 39.2 million pounds of food and goods, the equivalent of approximately 32.7 million meals, to families and individuals in need.  For more information about Utah Food Bank, visit Find us on Facebook at and Twitter at



Members of the leadership teams from Salt Lake and Farr West had an opportunity to visit United Way of Northern Utah last week. During their visit they assisted in building 200 back-to-school kits for children in need throughout our communities. The kits included a backpack and school supplies like notebooks, pencils, markers, and more.

The donation was made possible through team member contributions elected during open enrollment. AFS matched a percentage of the amount raised to provide even more school kits. Thanks for your generosity!


Macey’s Sandy Employee Named Utah’s Best Bagger
Macey’s, Lin’s, and Dan’s sweep competition at Utah Food Industry Association annual conference

Salt Lake City, UT (August 23, 2018) If you’re searching for the best bagger in Utah, look no farther than the Macey’s in Sandy. Julina Call, a bagger from Macey’s, was named Utah’s Best Bagger yesterday at the 2018 competition held at Davis Conference Center in Layton, Utah. The competition was part of Utah Food Industry Association conference. She will represent Utah at the National competition next February during the National Grocer’s Association annual conference in San Diego.

“It’s awesome to have another state champion from our Sandy store, and hopefully a third national champion” said John Harris, the district manager at Macey’s Sandy. “We’re always excited for the competition. We’re proud of Julina and all of our team members.”

Macey’s wasn’t the only Associated Retail Operations store to take top honors at the event. Rachell Beagley from Lin’s in Hurricane, Utah, took the second place spot. Third place went to Jaxon Astill from the Dan’s on Foothill in Salt Lake City.

During the competition baggers from multiple grocery stores across the state went head to head in sets of three. Each bagger was given the same items to bag using reusable bags. They were judged not only on speed, but the weight of each bag and how items were placed.

Julina has worked at Macey’s for three and a half years and enjoys helping guests as their last point of contact before they leave the store. She is currently a nursing student.


About Macey’s
In 1947, Walt Macey and Dale A. Jones started the “Save-A-Nickle-Market” in Rose Park, Utah. Macey’s grew from a small store into a multi-store chain by providing personalized old-fashioned service. Known for their famous doughnuts and Kong Kones®, Macey’s grocery stores offer an in-store bakery, delicatessen, full-service grocery, meat, produce and non-foods department and above all, friendly service. Macey’s currently operates 13 stores from Logan to Spanish Fork. For more information visit

                                                                                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

SelectHealth and Associated Food Stores Bring Minions to Murray to Fight Food Insecurity
Utah companies donate more than $3,500 in food to benefit KidsEat! and Utah Food Bank

Salt Lake City, UT (August 20, 2018) Minions made out of nearly 4,000 lbs. of food recently took residence at the Murray library thanks to SelectHealth and Associated Food Stores. The companies participated in Salt Lake County Health Department’s 3rd annual Foodstruction program, which encourages companies to build creative displays out of healthy food items as a way to raise awareness of food insecurity. Following the event, SelectHealth and Associated Food Stores donated the used items, totally more than $3,500 worth of food, to KidsEat! and Utah Food Bank, making it the largest donation of the event.

“SelectHealth is proud to have won the prize for donating the most amount of food to help our community. The staff that participates in this event have a lot of fun designing the project, and seeing it come to light. The fact that it does such great for the community, is a bonus, said Amber Greene, Community Relations representative for SelectHealth.

SelectHealth organized a 12-person team to participate in the event and coordinated with Associated Food Stores to get the 4,908 cans needed to complete the design. The project required two different builds—a test run and the final product. The food used in the test run build was donated to KidsEat!, an organization that provides weekend meal packs to at-risk kids to ensure they don’t go hungry while not at school. SelectHealth was able to pick which organization to donate the food to. The items used in the display built at Murray library were donated to Utah Food Bank.

“This is our 3rd year participating in this wonderful event. SelectHealth loves that this event really shines light on the food insecurities members of our communities face. We decided to build minions this year because we wanted something that was popular and would appeal to kids, said Greene.

Foodstruction is part of Salt Lake County Health Department’s mission to fight food insecurity with Utah Food Bank. Each year several companies visit libraries across the county to build creative displays meant to educate the community about food insecurity. Community members are then invited to vote for their favorites. SelectHealth and Associated Food Stores took third place.


About Associated Food Stores
Associated Food Stores is an independent retailer-owned warehouse based in Salt Lake City, Utah, which provides complete warehouse facilities and services to over 400 grocers throughout the Intermountain West. To learn more about Associated Food Stores or to find a retailer near you, visit

Media Contact for Associated Food Stores
Rachael Wabel

About SelectHealth
SelectHealth is a not-for-profit health insurance organization serving more than 850,000 members in Utah and southern Idaho. As a subsidiary of Intermountain Healthcare, SelectHealth is committed to helping people live the healthiest lives possible. In addition to medical plans, SelectHealth offers dental, vision, pharmacy benefit management, and life and disability coverage to its members. SelectHealth plans are available for Medicare and Medicaid enrollees. SelectHealth is also a carrier for the state’s Children’s Health Insurance Program. For details, visit

Media Contact
Amber Greene